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Tiger Girl's March 22 Litter

This is a quick pic of Tiger Girls Puppies @ 3-1/2 weeks old. They were born March 22 and will be 8 weeks old May 17. They are beautiful little AKC registerable apple heads and I will have the litter registration soon. The fawn male has lightened up a shade or two since he was born and the white male and female are maintaining their white coloration. They are very active and healthy.

  I am going to let the puppies go as pet only and their prices will reflect that registration. I am asking $1000 pet price.

  The white female is spoken for and going to a home in the eastern part of the state.

  The daddy is Mr Burt and he is a very sweet guy that tries to get along with everybody and everything.

  When Tiger Girl was a baby I named her Muffet but when I registered her with her permanent name I decided that Tiger Girl was much more appropriate for her.


This is a short video of the little darlings taking an interest in their mothers food.

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