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 Monica is a very intelligent and positive thinking little dog. She is almost a good of a mother as Cookie but does not give as much milk. She is very strict with her puppies and amazingly they mind her. When Monica wants some lap time she will come up to me and give her demanding arf and when I hold my arm out she will wrap her front legs around my arm so I can lift her one handed. When her puppies get old enough she will come and give me her demanding arf and either want back in with her puppies or want me to come and play with them.

  Monica is registered with the AKC.

  A little story about Monica is one night I "Super Dogged" the chihuahuas into bed which consists of giving them a little toss into bed. The other chihuahuas could take it or leave it, no big deal to them. Monica on the other hand loved it and I ended up "Super Dogging" her into bed about a dozen times more before I got tired of it and just ignored her demanding little arf for more "Super Dogs".

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