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Fia's Easter Sunday, 2023 Litter

           Fia’s and Bandit’s Puppies

NOTE: I have given each of the puppies their own page: FBMF_1, 2 ect.

  The sire is Bandit and his pics and Paw Print Genetic Health Certificate is posted on his page under dogs. Bandit is clear on everything except for 1 gene of MDR1.

 Fia's Wisdom Panel Report page 2 where the health reports are is posted on her page under the Dogs tab and her report came back clear on everything.

  Fia’s puppies were born Easter Sunday, April 9. She had 4 blue merles females and one blue merle male. She also had 2 tri-color males and 1 female for a total of eight puppies.

The price is variable as some of the puppies show good herding instincts. The price is also dependent on factors such as limited or full registration is wanted. Currently the prices range from $1000 to $1800 depending on registration and herding instincts. Buyers seeking a full registration puppy will receive a health report from a prominent testing company.

 They will be 8 weeks old June 8. They will come with their AKC Litter Registration Papers, age appropriate vaccinations, ect.

Delivery is the responsibility of the buyer but I will deliver the puppy for a very fair fee if necessary.

  There is a youtube video link under the Videos and Links tab.

 The naming convention is as follows: FBMF_1, 2, 3, 4 =s Fia’s Blue Merle 1, 2 ,3, or 4  puppy, FBMM_1 =s Fia’s Blue Merle Male 1 puppy, FTRIF_1 =s Fia’s Tri-Colored Female_1 puppy and FTRIM_1, 2 =s Fia’s Tri-colored Male 1, 2 puppy.

Note: I have given each of the puppies their own page. FBMF_1, 2, ect.

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