Cookie had her first litter of puppies May 5, she had 3 males and 3 females.


KayCee, my rough collie should have puppies sometime after or around June 28.


Monica my other Chihuahua should have puppies around July 4.



 Cookies puppies will be ready to go to their forever home June 30. They will come with a replacement guarantee should there be genetic problems. Negligence on the part of the buyer will be the buyer’s loss. They will come up to date on vaccinations, have a vet checkup, 3 gen pedigree and come with a contract. The contract basically states that if the puppy would die from some sort of genetic complications that I (seller) will replace him / her as soon as possible. The contract also specifies that if the buyer is unable to care for the puppy and cannot find a good home that the puppy be returned to the seller and under no circumstances is the puppy to be taken to a shelter.

 They will have a litter registration with the ACA and be register-able.

 Their mother is a very loving and loyal dog and she considers herself my guard dog. Their dad is also a loyal and loving dog and he also considers himself my guard dog.

If you had to use one word to describe their dad it would be happy.

Their dad is an apple head and their mother is sort of in between an apple head and a deer head but I think that the puppies will turn out apple head but the jury is still out on that until they get a bit older.

 All of my puppies will be around the 6 pound mark and there is NO chance of a teacup in the group. The puppies mother is milking like a little jersey milk cow and the puppies are all little butterballs so they are probably charting a bit high but they will be full sized.

 I will do what I can to help the buyers get their puppy but I will be somewhat limited to what I can do as I will be having a couple of new litters about the time for these to go to their forever homes.

 I am asking $1000.00 total price with a $300.00 non-refundable down to hold your choice of puppy and delivery is up to the buyer.


The puppies can be seen at youtube:


Or my website:

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