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 Junior is a handsome sable puppy and as of January 7, 2020 and is a little over 14 weeks old. I was putting feelers out for a female sable puppy with perfect DNA genetically health wise and had a lady tell me there was no such thing in a dog. According to Juniors Wisdom Panel Optimum Selection Test which includes 11 pages of different genetic tests and cover something like 211 possible genetic defects Junior was clear in all of them so I think that makes him as perfect as "doggedly" possible genetically health wise. I will post the 2nd page below which has the important tests on it. 

  Junior has a very good disposition and loves to come inside and play with the chihuahuas. The little politician will even let the chihuahuas bully him to a certain extent so that they will play with him.

I believe that the little guy is the best looking Rough Collie in the world and I hope to show him this coming summer.

Page 2 of Wisdom Panel.jpg

Pics coming soon

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