Cookies October 27 Litter
Heading 6

 My female Chihuahua Cookie had 5 puppies October 27, and they will be 8 weeks old December 22.

There are 4 males and 1 female. The female and 2 of the males are probably (and I say probably because they can change shades of color and develop light spots later on) going to be pure white. One male is going to be white with a very light fawn saddle on his back and face. One male is white but it appears he is going to have a very light spot about the size of a dime on his right ribs.

 I am going to give them temporary name of M1 (for male 1 ect), M2, M3, M4 and F1 (for female 1), and their humans can give them their regular names when they take them home.

 They will come with registration papers, vaccination record, health inspection, 3 generation pedigree ect.

I also provide a contract that basically states that if the puppy has any genetic defects or problems that was not the fault of the buyer that I will replace the puppy soon as possible. I also will do a short interview and if the buyer is ever unable to care for the puppy and cannot find a suitable home then the puppy is not to be turned over to a shelter but returned to me the sellor.

 The mother is a deer head registered with the ACA and the dad is an apple head registered with the AKC and the ACA. Personally, I think deer heads are more elegant and better looking (that's my opinion) and I believe that these puppies will continue those good looks. My female Cookie milks like a little jersey milk cow and so the puppies are like little butterballs. Cookie is the best doggie mom I have ever seen and it looks as if her and her puppies communicate with telepathy. Her last litter the little puppies were like butter balls but by time they had gotten to be about 8 weeks old they started growing and slimmed down to elegant little beauties. This litter will most likely do the same.

 The puppies will be old enough to go to their forever homes December 22.

Delivery: The delivery is the responsibility of the owner, however I have experience in getting puppies to their humans and will help any way I can including delivery for a fee.

 An example my last puppy I sold the lady lived in Florida and did not have any idea on how to get the puppy. I went to United Airlines website and downloaded all the round trip flights from Rapid City to Ft. Lauderdale, Florida with the cheapest being $356.00 before taxes. I told her I would deliver her the puppy for $100.00 more than what the airfare was. She then hit on the idea of using her air miles from AA and to make a long story short she left Florida at about 6 in the morning and was back home in Florida a little after 9 that evening on top of 2 delays. I think by now you should have the idea that I will be able to use my experience to get you your puppy if you do not know how to go about it.

 I am asking $1000.00 total price for them and require a $250 deposit to hold one for you.

I would be happy to answer any more questions you may have.

Note: Some of  the pics have bleed over from the plywood and make the puppy appear darker than they are.

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F1_1 _ 23 Days.jpg
F1_3 _ 23 Days.jpg
F1_2 _ 23 Days.jpg
F1_4 _ 23 Days.jpg
F1_5 _ 23 Days.jpg
M1_1 _ 23 Days.jpg
M1_2 _ 23 Days.jpg
M1_3 _ 23 Days.jpg
M1_4 _ 23 Days.jpg
M2_1 _ 23 days.jpg
M2_2 _ 23 days.jpg
M2_3 _ 23 days.jpg
M2_4 _ 23 days.jpg
M2_5 _ 23 days.jpg
M3_1 _ 23 Days.jpg
M3_2 _ 23 Days.jpg
M3_3 _ 23 Days.jpg
M3_4 _ 23 Days.jpg
M3_5 _ 23 Days.jpg
M4_3 _ 23 Days.jpg
M4_4 _ 23 Days.jpg
M4_5 _ 23 Days.jpg
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