Buster was born in July 2017. Buster is a sable with several tri-color ancestors in his background so that he is a little darker than some sables. Buster is happy go lucky and considers himself the lord of "his property".

All of my collies will really make a big deal of being a good watch dogs but I think it would be next to impossible to get them to bite someone. All my dogs are "people dogs" and a great attitude is my primary requirement for my dogs.

  Rough Collies instincts are to please their humans, an example is that I bought some baby ducks and when they were a couple of weeks old I pushed a couple of kennels together and put a couple of heat lamps inside then covered them with tarps. The dogs would push under the makeshift snow fence corral I had made and then tear a hole in the tarp and sit there all night watching the baby ducks. After awhile they took ownership of the ducks and to this day (about 9 months later) the ducks have the run of the place and as far as my dogs are concerned they are part of their property to watch over. I have attached Buster's Health Certificate and Pedigree.

Buster Genetic Health Certificate.jpg
Buster @ about 3 Years Old.jpg
Buster on the Hay Trailer.jpg